Samsung Advanced Institute for Health Sciences and Technology, SKKU
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LEE Myung-Shik M.D., Ph.D.   / Professor

TEL. +82-2-3410-3436
FAX. +82-2-3410-6491
Research Areas
metabolism/diabetes, immunity/inflammation
Lab title
Laboratory of Cell Death and Diabetes Research
Samsung Medical Center, Clinical Research Center (Annex Bldg.) B235
Research Interests - Molecular Medicine
Seoul National University M.D. (1981), Ph.D. (1990)
Korea Cancer Center Hospital
Scripps Research Institute (Post-doc)
Presently, Sungkyunkwan Medical Samsung Seoul Hospital
Professor of Medicine (Endocrinology and Metabolism)

We have been studying cell death mechanisms related to diabetes. While we focused on the apoptosis of pancreatic b-cells, we also investigated the general mechanism of apoptosis, necrosis, apoptosis-necrosis conversion and inflammatory/immune responses to cell death. We recently started research on autophagy, a new type of cell death in addition to apoptosis and necrosis. Our works was published in Immunity (as a cover story), Cell Metabolism (again as a cover story), PNAS USA, etc., which made us a world-class leader in the field of cell death and inflammation particularly those related to metabolism/diabetes. Our lab has special expertise in metabolism, inflammation, immunity, cell death and their combinations such as cell death-associated inflammation. Because we have been studying metabolism in the clinic and laboratory, we have expertise in the metabolic studies in vitro, in vivo and also patient studies. We also have expertise in the analysis of mitochondrial functions such as mitochondrial oxygen consumption, mitochondrial complex activities, mitochondrial Ca2+ content, and mitochondrial permeability transition. We also have ample experience in molecular biology and in vivo animal experiments. We have produced several transgenic and knockout mice. We are proud that we can conduct “from the bench-to-bedside” research.

Key Words: autophagy, diabetes, innate immunity, cell death, beta-cells

Selected Publications
1.Han MS, Chung KW, Cheon HG, Rhee SD, Yoon C-W, Lee M-K, Kim K-W, Lee M-S. Imatinib mesylate reduces ER stress and induces remission of diabetes in db/db mice. Diabetes 2009:58: 329-336

2.Jung H-S, Lee M-S. Macroautophagy in homeostasis of pancreatic b-cells. Autophagy 2009:5; 241-243

3.Jung H-S, Chung KW, Kim JW, Kim J, Komatsu M, Tanaka K, Nguyen YH, Kang TM, Yoon K-H, Kim J-W, Jeong YT, Hang MS, Lee M-K, Kim K-W, Shin J, Lee M-S. Loss of Autophagy Diminishes Pancreatic β-Cell Mass and Function with Resultant Hyperglycemia. Cell Metab 2008:8;318-325

4.Han MS, Park SY, Shinzawa, K, Kim S, Chung KW, Lee J-H, Kwon CH, Lee K-W, Lee J-H, Park CK, Chung WJ, Hwang JS, Yan J-J, Song D-K, Tsujimoto Y, Lee M-S. Lysophosphatidylcholine as a death effector in lipoapoptosis of hepatocytes. J Lipid Res 2008:49;84-97

5.Kim HS, Han MS, Chung KW, Kim S, Kim E, Kim MJ, Jang E, Lee HA, Youn J, Akira S, Lee M-S. Toll-like receptor 2 senses -cell death and contributes to the initiation of autoimmune diabetes. Immunity 2007:27;321-333